Online Enforcement for Amazon Aggregators

For the past several years Amazon Aggregators have begun acquiring small businesses both on and off Amazon. The Aggregator growth strategy involves building an economy of scale by consolidating the back-office functions for these businesses to increase profitability.

Ference Law is on the forefront of providing legal counsel and insights to these clients. We partner with Aggregators by offering turn-key IP legal and business solutions to help increase brand growth strategy.

How do we help Amazon Aggregators stop online counterfeiting?

For those with anti-counterfeiting issues, we have the legal expertise to develop strategic and swift solutions to take down infringers. We understand time is of the essence and how quickly deals are made.

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How is Ference Law different from other law firms?

We track and manage take-down requests submitted to Amazon by third parties to tighten the brand protection process within the Aggregator’s portfolio.

We track and manage compliance and IP ownership documents for Amazon Aggregators. Ference Law has designed a streamlined system for its Aggregator clients to attend to the recording of transfer of ownership documents in both the United States and other countries.

We are a single point of contact for all IP legal matters including:

  • Centralizing the management of the acquired IP
  • Handling payment of annuity fees and renewals
  • Taking over the prosecution of pending matters
  • Developing a strategic plan

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