How Ference Law Can Drive Results

  1. Strategic Assessment
    The first step is to review your products and patent/trademark portfolio to identify areas of vulnerability to counterfeiting. Which products/product lines are particularly vulnerable? Through what channels might they be sold? What is your total risk, and what are your estimated losses in revenue and profit?
  2. Position IP
    Next, we ensure that adequate protection is in place. What intellectual property protection have you secured to protect your inventions and/or your brand? We then secure any additional domestic and international IP protection – patents, trademarks and copyrights – as needed.
  3. Enforcement
    Finally, we pursue all available remedies for relief – both through online sellers’ internal processes as well as through our industry-leading counterfeiting litigation strategies. We secure injunctive relief and monetary damages to stop the bleed from revenue loss and add to your bottom line.

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