Patent Law experts at Ference Law helped the inventor of Orange Screw take down hundreds of online counterfeiting sellers.

Ference Law provided expert IP legal solutions to stop online pirating and help Negg recapture lost sales.

Ference Law is a leading national anti-counterfeiting law firm & product counterfeiting law firm. Counterfeiting and piracy present enormous and costly challenges. We will file a lawsuit against the infringers to enforce your patent, copyright, or trademark. We have successfully gotten injunctions on behalf of clients to shut down counterfeiters. Authorities now estimate an annual business loss in the US of over $200 billion to counterfeiting.

A brand owner’s success increasingly depends on his/her ability to protect the brand’s intellectual property (IP) assets and reputation. We have successfully removed thousands of infringing listings, shut down on-line stores selling counterfeit products and secured payment for infringement.

Our attorneys are results-driven professionals who know the ins and outs of protecting IP against fraudsters. We have used this proven method to permanently shut down the online infringement problems experienced by our clients and recover millions of dollars from infringers.

Developed a product?

Are you experiencing the signs of on-line counterfeiting? Did you start selling a product online with some success and then almost overnight see other products (that look like your product) pop-up on platforms like Amazon and Alibaba? Are these sellers using your likeness, your images or your branding? Have you seen your sales decline, or is there customer confusion on what is authentic? Have you received complaints about a product that wasn’t yours?
That’s counterfeiting and we can help stop it.

If online hijackers are selling counterfeits of your product, we can immediately institute action on your behalf. We develop customized anti-counterfeiting strategies and protect you and your brand from intellectual property violations.

Learn how Ference Law helped clients stop online pirates from counterfeiting their brand.
Expert IP legal solutions to recapture lost sales.


Why E-Commerce Platforms Have Become an Ideal Storefront for Counterfeit Products And Intellectual Property Theft?

E-Commerce Platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, for example, provide a space for counterfeiters to connect with potential customers at a low cost. Most counterfeiters falsely represent themselves by:

  • Using the brand or product name.
  • Taking photos, videos and/or messaging from the seller’s website.
  • Implementing a bait & switch technique – marketing themselves as an authentic product at a reduced price and then shipping counterfeit products that are poorly manufactured and unsafe.
  • The FBI estimates that U.S. businesses lose between $200 billion and $250 billion each year to counterfeiting.

How can Ference Law help me protect my product?

Together we formulate a strategic IP protection plan for your company to stop IP theft and counterfeiting. We will evaluate your current Intellectual Property protection, we will strengthen it, and we will enforce it.

  • We start working to protect your product and brand as soon as you contact us.
  • We stop counterfeiters from ripping off your product.
  • We file cases against these third-party sellers on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress and other online selling platforms.
  • We create programs to handle litigation against fraudulent sellers on an affordable basis.
  • We monitor resellers, online markets, pay-per-click ads and social media channels.
  • We are a nation leading IP enforcement law firm for online counterfeit products.
  • To protect our clients’ brands we send demand letters and complaints and search and seizure actions. We also work with law enforcement in various jurisdictions, prosecutors, investigators, customs authorities and local regulatory authorities to enforce your brand IP.
Taking Down Sellers

Counterfeit Removal

Fighting Fakes on a Lower Budget

PROTECT STRATEGIC COUNSELING TO HELP ENSURE YOUR IP IS PROTECTED. We consider current and potential abuse when developing your IP protection.   ●	For commercial  ●	To ensure your IP can be enforced  ●	Patent Applications ●	Trademark Rights Copyright Registrations
OUR TEAM IS HIGHLY TRAINED IN ONLINE MARKETPLACE. We know what to look for, how to track it and how to obtain the information needed to protect your IP. ●	We watch your IP and those abusing it  ○	Trademark registry watches ○	Domain monitoring,  ○	Social media & marketplace ○	App stores and more ●	Conduct ongoing investigations 

ENFORCE WE FIGHT FOR YOU.  Your ideas, livelihood, product and brands are what we fight to protect in court. ●	We clarify the type of IP and counterfeit abuse and where the abuse is happening.  ●	Prepare for when not to respond; fair use, attention seekers, low risk of damage cases. ●	We commence litigation to remove infringing sellers.

If you believe your brand or product has been subject to counterfeiters, please call (833) 741-8400 or fill out the form below and a Ference Law will review your case and get in-touch with you.

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