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The rise of online marketplaces has caused a myriad of obstacles when it comes to protecting your brand online. From copyright and trademark infringement to unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters, the security of your intellectual property is at risk. Ference Law is experienced in all aspects of IP portfolio management and pride ourselves on creating value through strategic counseling, brand protection, and a results-driven client approach.

“By developing a strong brand protection strategy, you take action instead of letting market threats erode sales”

Stanley Ference, Founding Attorney 

“By developing a strong brand protection strategy, you take action”

Stanley Ference,
Founding Attorney 

Our team works closely with you to identify and implement the right strategy for your brand. Our goals are to:

  • Develop a foundation for enforcement against unauthorized sellers 
  • Lay the foundation for potential claims against both authorized sellers who are selling in unauthorized channels and unauthorized third-party resellers.

In the United States unauthorized third-party resellers often say the first sale doctrine permits them to continue to sell the brand’s product. A properly executed brand protection strategy removes the first sale doctrine as a defense. We include:

  • Authorized reseller program, associated agreements and policies
  • Patent Rights & Online Patent Infringement
  • Trademark Rights
  • Design Rights
  • Copyright Registrations
  • Product Piracy & Online Counterfeiting

A custom Brand Protection strategy assists in addressing numerous situations, including:

  • Being unable to sell on an online marketplace because of unauthorized third-party resellers
  • A decline in sales and erosion of the brand due to unauthorized sellers or counterfeiters
  • New retailers reluctant to sell a brand because of unauthorized sellers
  • Customers of unauthorized sellers leaving poor reviews thinking it was the real brand
  • Legal help with brand protection for online products

We have worked in online channel control for decades. The experience our legal professionals possess is invaluable when it comes to the protection of your business portfolio. If you have any questions regarding protecting your brand online or IP infringement contact the Ference Law International legal team at (844) 741-8400 or by filling out the form below. 

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